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23966 Wismar

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Public Relations / Press Office
Rathaus, Am Markt 1
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Wismar Town Archive / Archiv der Hansestadt Wismar
Address for visitors: Gerberstraße 9a (entrance via the courtyard)
Postal address: Altwismarstraße 7 - 17
23966 Wismar

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Wismar's Citizens

Honorary Citizens

On October 3rd (Germany Reunification Day) 2004, Professor Dr. Gottfried Kiesow was conferred the status of Honorary Citizen of the Hanseatic town of Wismar. Learn more about him and the town's other honorary citizens on the following pages.

Further Information

Wismar's 'Hall of Fame'

'Wer war wer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?'

Using this book as a resource, we have compiled for you a 'hall of fame' of Wismar's most well-known citizens.

Further Information 

Ring of Honour

The Ring of Honour is an exceptional award that honours exceptional achievement in the town, in particular scientific or scholarly achievements or those in the cultural or economic sphere with an emphasis on the public good, or to the benefit of charitable foundations in the town.

Citizen's Medal

Another honour the Hanseatic Town of Wismar can bestow for exceptional achievement is the citizen's medal.

The Citizen's Medal is awarded for example for long and successful activity for the community in the spheres of public life, culture, the economy or social welfare. Amongst others, this includes citizens who have served at least two terms in the legislative assembly of the Hanseatic Town Wismar - the Bürgerschaft - and/or committees thereof, to the benefit of the town.

Sports Badge

The Hanseatic Town of Wismar's sports badge is awarded in recognition of excellence in or for sport to sportsmen and women, trainers, clubs, organizers, sponsors or patrons, who have contributed to the advancement of sporting activity in the town.

An overview of honours bestowed by the Hanseatic Town of Wismar (in German)